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The Compliance Group, Inc. is a full service oil and gas regulatory and environmental compliance consulting company based in the Houston, Texas area. The Compliance Group, Inc. specializes in oil and gas permitting, DOT Pipeline Compliance, Pipeline Inspections, Bulk Storage Facility Oil Spill Response Planning and Safety.


The Compliance Group consulting staff consists of experienced and dedicated professionals. Our staff successfully designs and implements effective compliance solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Operating with credibility, integrity, and trust, we are committed to upholding only the highest standards in servicing your organization.

  • K. W. Pritchett


    Martin Yackel

    Vice President – Pipeline Safety

    Kristyn Christie

    Pipeline Safety Manager

    Julie Williams

    Accounting Manager

  • Brad Kamman

    Pipeline Safety South Manager

    Cade Lockwood

    Pipeline Safety Offshore Manager

    Clint Wilson

    Pipeline Safety North Manager

    Grant Wisenbaker

    Pipeline Safety Team Lead

    Stacy Munsinger

    Pipeline Safety Central Manager

  • Brandon Clemons

    Control Room Management

    David Bloh

    Operator Qualification Manager

    Derrik Malone

    Response Planning Manager

    Shelli Myers

    Pipeline Integrity Manager

    Stephen Hernandez

    Construction Manager

    Tim Hutto

    Marine Facilities Manager

  • Brianna Huteson

    Damage Prevention Coordinator

    Christina Young

    Drug & Alcohol Program Manager

    SafePipe Database Manager

    Schuyler Dickerson

    Public Awareness Coordinator

    Jody Wales

    DOT Program Coordinator

    Trey Kirby

    Business Development

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