Bulk Storage Facility

The Compliance Group, Inc. has created www.Safe-Tank.com as a production facility compliance tracking software to ensure your personnel do not miss inspections and/or documentation that may lead to non-compliance.


Determine Jurisdiction / Determine Jurisdictional Boundaries

Not sure where your facility falls? There are several agencies that have jurisdiction on Oil Spill / Oil Spill Prevention Planning, Training and Drills. The Compliance Group experts can ensure your compliance by first determining which agency(s) have jurisdiction over your facility.

Develop / Revise Plan

Each plan has specific requirements, and/or specific formats they require you to follow.  In the case of multiple agency jurisdictions, The Compliance Group can develop an Integrated Contingency Plan (with cross references) for each specific agency to speed up a regulatory audit.

  • United States Coast Guard Transfer Operations Manual
  • United States Coast Guard Facility Response Plan
  • Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Oil Spill Response Plan
  • Environmental Protection Agency Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan
  • Environmental Protection Agency Facility Response Plan
  • Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Facility Response Plan
  • Occupational Health & Safety Administration Emergency Action Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • H2S Contingency Plan
  • Hurricane Contingency Plan

Conduct Spill Prevention Training

Now required by the regulations, personnel must be trained on spill prevention control measures.  The Compliance Group offers spill prevention training to satisfy these requirements.  Go to www.Safe-Tank.com for our all in one

Conduct Emergency Response Training

Our experienced staff can ensure your personnel are equipped with the proper training they need for the tasks they perform or are generally associated with such as:

  • Hazardous Waste Operations Training
  • Incident Command System Training
  • Boom Deployment

Outline Inspection Frequencies

Several agencies identify “periodic” inspections that must be conducted at your facility.  Our staff can ensure your compliance by laying out inspection frequencies specific for each of your facilities.  Factors affecting frequencies depend on population density, bulk storage capacity, containment dike structure and/or proximity to sensitive areas.  Our mapping department can assist in determinations.

Perform / Document Inspections

  • Annual Flowline Pressure Tests
  • API 653 Tank Inspections
  • Tank Integrity Inspections
  • Tank Cathodic Protection Inspections
  • Drilling Rig Anchor Pressure Tests
  • Monthly Facility Inspections
  • Annual Formal Facility Inspections
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections
  • Safety Device Inspections
  • NORM Inspections
  • Tank Emission Testing

Documentation reminders, documentation warehouse, auditing tools and training can be found at www.Safe-Tank.com.

Maintenance and/or Repair

The Compliance Group’s staff can conduct your maintenance and/or repairs:  We are quipped to conduct the following:

  • Dike Containment Design, Construction and/or Repair
  • Tank Replacement and/or Repair
  • Valve Repairs

Conduct Facility Drills

Table-Top-Drills, full scale management or crisis management exercises may be used to test your personnel in their emergency response duties.  The Compliance Group can develop specific scenarios, facilitate your exercise and develop documentation in accordance with national drill documentation guidelines.

Internal / Regulatory Audit

The Compliance group can identify potential weaknesses and determine how your company compares to commonly accepted industry practices by means of a non-adversarial audit conducted by a team of experts. The Compliance Group can provide detailed documentation that can be used for management purposes and planning for future actions.

Audits may be limited to procedures and manuals, or they may extend into all operations and maintenance activities, including the associated documentation.