Oil & Gas permitting is a cumbersome task. Determining which agency requires which permit is an industry alone. The Compliance Group, Inc. can set up an electronic system that not only submits the permits electronically, but also tracks the progress of these permits through drilling or pipeline construction and communicate directly with your drilling/construction departments.

  • Organizational Reports
  • Permit to Drill
  • Pooling Certificate
  • Cementing Report
  • Plugging Procedure
  • Right-of-Way Easement
  • Well Reports
  • Tariff Filings
  • Production Reports
  • Gas Utility Filings
  • Production Facility Reporting
  • Storage Reporting
  • FERC Filings
  • Air Permitting
  • Surface Easements
  • Usable Water Quality Certification
  • Navigational Aids Applications
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans

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